BEKIM is passionate about the world of fishing, specializing in fly fishing and carp fishing techniques. With many years of experience in the sector, he combines in-depth product knowledge with an excellent ability to advise and satisfy customers.
WordPress Developer
SANDRA is competent and meticulous, specializing in webshop management as well as in administrative and accounting areas. With solid experience in managing online sales platforms and business administration, she brings valuable expertise in operations optimization and financial management.
With us for the past two years, Erin, trained in sales, comes from a well-known family of bakers in the region. She has an excellent sense of service and knows our customers and their habits well. Always smiling, she's ready to offer explanations and a warm welcome.
Amandine, the latest addition to the team, is a sales apprentice. Familiar with the store since childhood thanks to her grandfather, a local figure in spearfishing, she learns the management and running of the business three days a week, demonstrating a great passion for the trade.
Carnivorous department salesperson
Rémi, the oldest member of our team, has gone from fishing with natural baits to a passion for lure fishing, particularly Japanese creations. He now targets percids and asps. A concert organizer, he also edits videos for our YouTube channel and creates newsletters.
Carp and shot department salesperson
Aurélien, our COUP advisor, regularly takes part in fishing competitions, with occasional victories in carpodromes and whitefish fishing. Fascinated by the Italian influence and the evolution of feeder fishing, he can advise you by phone on the right equipment and assemble your elastics in store. He lives his passion for fishing from morning to night.