Jacquet Pêche, more than 35 years of experience

870m2 for the happiness of the fisherman


Created in 1980 in the small village of Les Bulles by Gaby and Mariette JACQUET, the JACQUET PECHE shop had then a surface of 60m2, and a considerable assortment of fishing tackle. The shop’s speciality was the fishing competition. Lots of fishing competition were organized in France (the border is about 10 minutes from Les Bulles)

With the growing of the fishermen’s specialization and the appearance of new techniques, the shop decided to move to Pin (Izel) in 1993 to get a surface of 600m2. Jean-Luc, son of Mariette and Gaby JACQUET, takes over the company with his wife Francine.

In 2004, the shop became bigger (800m2) with the appearance of a second floor.

Since 2007, the 3rd generation took over: Sandra and Bekim decided to pursue the family adventure.

Helped by Sarah, David and Rémi, the store does not stop evolving and specializing: in the autumn 2015, a mezzanine of 70m² is created, to be able to develop at best the “Carp’s universe”.

Following the growing request, JACQUET PECHE ‘s team puts on line its VPC site in February 2016. Based on the store’s stock, every product on line benefited from a meticulous selection on behalf of our team.